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Tosha Dion

Tosha’s original motivation for exploring herbal therapies came as a young mother when she was caring for her first child.  Her little boy had recurring ear infections and round after round of antibiotics didn’t seem to work, as the infection kept coming back. She knew she needed something else to care for her little boy.  Her father and his wife had been using herbs and natural therapies, so she decided to give these a try.  She purchased some elderberry syrup at her local health food store and used that to treat her son’s infection.  The infections did not return and she was able to sleep again, along with her new son.  From this point on, Tosha was driven to learn everything she could about herbs and natural therapies so that she could help her and her family.

Tosha first met Vicki Vosburg, a certified Master Herbalist, a few years after this experience when she attended Vicki’s classes at The Herb Pantry in Boise, Idaho.  She was excited to finally meet a friend and mentor that could teach her and guide her as she started on her herbal journey. Tosha would often stay after class for hours to ask questions, as well as take Vicki’s classes multiple times.  After working with Vicki for several years and attending her classes, Vicki urged her to attend the same school she had, The School of Natural Healing, to become a certified Herbalist in December of 2009.  Tosha is currently working on completing her Certified Master Herbalist course and hopes to be done soon!

In May of 2016 Tosha took over Vicki’s store, The Herb Pantry, after she decided to retire.  The Herb Pantry is now Tosha’s Tinctures & Herbs and is located in beautiful Council, Idaho. It is one of Tosha’s long time goals to be running a store like this and is honored to keep Vicki’s dream going.  

If you have any questions about herbal and natural remedies, please give the store a call at (208) 253-0288.  Or you can email at ttnhcouncil@gmail.com.  Tosha can take your phone and email orders and will ship anywhere in the US.  

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